Folding Trike Leads NBG Rain Riders to Pgh Celebration

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    As I indicated on Friday, our riders made it thru the rain, both metaphorically and in the actual
    measure of the dampness they were forced to endure. And wow do we have Ro Fischer from the Mayor's
    office and Michael Sobkowiak the W Penn Field Institute, among many others, to thank for making a
    festive lemonade out of the lemon that Mother Nature sent their way. What our riders did on their
    way, on proclamation day and what they are doing as they queue up for their rides ahead, can all be
    found at <>. Here as I promised
    is the complete story with pictures:


    btw: This relay team (they came in from Washington DC) was led by Jim Muellner and Denise Hill. Jim
    is riding a folding trike, made by his company, Just Two Bikes <>, that fits
    in a suitcase!! If you want to contact Jim on the road, he can be reached on his Pocket Mailer at
    [email protected] !!

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.