Following the TdF in a Motorhome

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    IRT following the TdF in a motorhome:

    Did that at Alp d'Huez in 2001. There were thousands of motorhome and tenters parked for miles along
    the route. We drove a Hymer motorhome powered with a little Fiat diesel. What a great engine! Got
    about 20 mpg and was able to keep up with traffic on the autobahn with no problems at all. The
    biggest problem was the disparity between gas/electrical connections. We rented the motorhome in
    Germany and took it to France. I feel the best approach would be to rent the motorhome in France but
    request that the rental agency provide adaptors for the rest of Europe.

    It did get a bit narrow on the actual TdF route, particularly in the mountains where the serpentine
    backroads with thousand foot drop offs had NO guard rails! At one point we had to stop to let the
    smoking brakes cool off. The only reason we were able to park next to the route was because some
    friends held a spot for us. Nevertheless, it was still very tight and to this day I am amazed that
    we managed to get the motorhome in there.

    Forget about trying to get near every finish line. The roads are too clogged and are usually closed
    to motor vehicle traffic a day in advance. I suggest picking stages about 2 to 3 days apart so you
    can jump ahead and find a good parking place. The amazing party atmosphere all along the route will
    keep you entertained while waiting for the race to come thru. Whatever you cannot see in the flesh
    you can watch on TV.

    Regards & Tailwinds from the Velo Nut

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