fondriest status carb

steeevie boy

New Member
Feb 25, 2005
hi everyone!! :) just joined today and would appreciate any comments on whether i shud purchase a fondriest status carb frame?how good is it?ive read a few reviews and they seem very positive but would like more.i have mavic kserium sl wheels and dura ace groupset.:rolleyes:
Hello there. I do not think that you can wrong with a Fondriest frameset - whether it is the best bang for the buck is another matter, but everyone who has them in this forum seems to love 'em.

If it turns you on, get it! It will make you ride more! Happy shopping and riding! :)
thanks powerful pete!!!! going to look at more today.the shop im going to has colnago too so im excited about that.hopin to build my dream machine that ive wanted since being a kid.26 now and getting back into it and really enjoyiny myself so i think i deserve one.;) already got my kseriums and goin to get dura ace! thanks again happy cyclin :)
Well happy shopping then! And, of course, as an Italian I must object that you plan on using ShimaNO on an Italian frame! :p Enjoy riding it!