Food and stops on long rides


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Aug 25, 2017
I'll be cycling Scotland over 5 days in September, to finish a LEJOG I started last year. I wonder if I could ask your opinions on what strategy I should take with regards to stops and food.

Luckily I'll be supported this year, so I can take the bare minimum on the bike and keep all manner of supplies in the car.

I'm still 'learning' and I'm far from a fast rider. If I can average 10mph over distances longer than 50 miles, I'm happy. Yesterday I cycled 62 miles and stopped for an hour half way round. My quads where in pretty bad shape when I started off again and it took about 45 minutes for me to settle back into a stride. A few weeks ago I was getting quite bad cramp after eating but I haven't had that for a while so I guess I'm now used to eating on the move.

I can cycle shorter distances without stopping at all, currently I can go 25 miles before stopping, and up to about 40 miles with only say 5 minutes to stop. But over distances of over 50 miles my total stopping time increases exponentially. Last year cycling 90 miles I was stopping for around 4 hours.

My question is should I be trying to stop only momentarily for food etc or should I stick to a more relaxed approach and take half hour breaks here and there?

Also, any advice on food would be very appreciated. Last year we were eating anything and everything on the move, with maybe 3 bottles of lucozade to help us out. This year should I eat and drink better? Maybe these gels I keep hearing about, or drinking ONLY lucozade rather than water?

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