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How about commenting on the type of food that we all eat on race day. That would be the morning of the race, and the hours leading up to the uctual start.

I usually wake up with some coffee and a big bowl of oats with chopped bananas in it. At the race venue I drink any kind of energy drink (can only afford stuff like energade at the moment :p)
Half an hour before the start I have one of those wretched-tasting energy squeezes.

Any comments?
I have oats covered with fructose about 1½ hrs before my start time. Both keep your blood sugar stable.
I don't know if the coffee idea is such a good thing? Maybe, maybe not?
Errr... coffee = diauretic = loss of water = dehydration = bad idea

I usually have a banana immediately when I get up and carry my Fast Fuel energy with me wherever I go taking small sips regularly. I'll also only eat a large bowl of oats just before I leave to go to the race. I'll eat half a banana while warming up the other half while waiting in the starting pen.
I'll take my chances on the's the only thing that gets me up at 5 am :D
And why do most races start so damn early??
They make us start at the crack of dawn (The Argus was delayed for how long because it was too dark to race this year?) to keep the bulk of the field out of the afternoon sun.
I'd rather start @ 6 or 7am than later.
Anyway, back to topic. For those who have'nt yet noticed, I've posted some good links regarding nutrition, pre-race meals etc. under this specific forum (Nutrition and Supplements).
Another important point to remember is to eat as soon as possible after the race (within 20 - 30 minutes). Actually you should do this after every training ride too.
Cold rice and fruit salad is a great meal before any race or training ride IMO.
Well I have never raced but in preparation for horse show I get really nervous and cannot eat (plus getting up at 5-6am puts me out of whack).

The only thing that goes down well is some sort of milk smoothie (milk+fruit) and honey on toast.
Then this will knock your socks off:

A Banana and Berry Smoothie

2 frozen bananas (remove skins and cut in chunks before freezing)
1/2 cup frozen raspberries (any type of berries will do)
1 cup low-fat or fat-free Vanilla yoghurt
1 tablespoon honey (optional)

Place bananas, raspberries and yoghurt in a blender and mix. Use honey to taste.

You can add a scoop or two of ice-cream if you wish. Add small amounts of fat-free milk to alter the thikness of the smoothie.
Depends on when and where the race is. If I have a late start I’ll have a big break fast. 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 ham, 2 sausage (ummm sausage) and 2 pancakes. Up at 6 am race at 2 pm. An hour or two before I will have a sandwich or power bar, bagel or something like that. At the line 10 minuets before the start I’ll do a gu.
Sorry Cornholio, but your diet of eggs, bacon, ham and sausage seems like a recipe for Coronary Heart Disease!

Wouldn't you prefer to use this meal to consume something high in carbohydrate that will actualy inprove your performance in the race?
one of my favourite pre race foods is Bacon and Egg McMuffin from McDonalds. I usually have this at the start of a 2 hr trip on the way to a race........i must mention most of the races i have tried this on have not been longer than an hour. (1 hr criteriums and track racing) although i have had some succes with this diet. I believe whatever u r used to will be ok for shorter events such as these. If u r in for the long haul then maybe a more substantial meal should be had. I like ham and cheese rolls that are bought from bakeries. I have not really experimented that much with my diet as u might be able to tell, but i think it is all a bit over-rated.
[quote author=Trackie link=board=18;threadid=947;start=0#21269 date=1033134207]<br /> I have not really experimented that much with my diet as u might be able to tell, but i think it is all a bit over-rated.[/quote]<br /><br />hmmm, by the sounds of it you've never been in the saddle for 3 or more hours?<br />
I only really started eating a decent meal prior to races at the Germiston Century this year.<br /><br />I can't believe the difference it makes...! Not so much in improved times, but in a more subtle way...not as fatigued, quicker recovery etc.<br /><br />I eat a bowl of low-fat yogurt, with a chopped banana and at least two slices of wholewheat brown toast with honey. <br /><br />Tea to wash it all down. ???<br /><br />En route to the race I start nibbling my dried apple rings (ie my &quot;in-flight&quot; food) and may chew an energy bar, although I'm yet to find an energy bar that doen't seem to grow in my mouth and stick to my palate and teeth.<br /><br />I used to use GU...maybe two or three on a long race, but now reserve their use only for when I feel flat or if I get a flat. I find that if you start on them, you need another one every 45 mins, and you should take them with water only. :p
Porridge (Oatmeal) is definitely good: complex carbs.<br /><br />Fructose is not so good though. I assume you actually buy refined fructose when you say that, you don't mean you just add honey???<br /><br />It may sound good and natural but that's hype. It's not that great if you're talking about really getting the most out of your body (energy that is!!!):<br /><br />This site will answer all the questions asked here:
Avoiding fructose by not eating fruit? No thanks!<br /><br />Doesn't quite answer all my questions...<br /><br />Did you know that a high carbohydrate diet can give you a poor blood lipid profile and this might lead to risk of developing atherosclerosis or CHD? How can exercise prevent help protect against this?<br /><br />Sorry, just being a git! ;)
You need both protein and carbs. I found out the hard way when I went hypoglycemic from eating just carbs. They turn straigt to sugar and can kinda thow your body into shock. Not real fun especially in a race. I like to eat oatmeal and eggs and maybe a power bar. I always hear its also what you eat like 2 or 3 days prior as well.

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