Food revenge

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  1. This happened years ago but the memory keeps me warm to this day.

    We were impoverished students sharing a flat. The mother of one of us
    descended on the tribe without notice and required to be fed. She was quite
    well-off, very proper, faintly disapproving, a real PITA. Did she say "why
    don't I go and get some (whatever) and we will have lunch"? No, she sat on
    the couch until we were all crying out for lunch and had to feed her but we
    all knew there was little or nothing in the cupboard.

    Up speaks the most earnest incompetent cook of the bunch (who could burn
    water) who said "I will make pufftaloons!" Nobody had any idea what this
    dish was but hunger makes the best sauce as they say. It turns out that
    these gems are a kind of deep-fried scone, you drop large spoons of sweet
    batter into very hot oil, they swell, cook and brown, and with luck make a
    tasty (if somewhat fatty) dessert.

    Well the oil was far too shallow, not too clean and way too cold. The soggy
    lumps were dredged out and served warmish, each had little lumps of burned
    whatever was last fried embedded in their surface with whipped cream on top!

    Imagine deep fried sponge rubber with more oil on top for added height.
    Plus whipped cream. And cruchy old things out of the oil. Yummo!

    The residents each tried one but the Descending Mother filled her plate. We
    sat there and watched her eat them - she had to. Politeness demanded she
    empty her plate and she was so polite. With whipped cream on top. It was


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    What a wonderful tale! It sort of sounds English rather American?
    Can't top it I'm afraid,