FoodSaver - V2440 vs V2460

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Charlene Charette, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. We've decided to get a new Tilia FoodSaver. The old one still works,
    but it doesn't have an accessory port and we want some of the new
    features like the instant seal and integrated bag cutter. Several
    friends have called dibs on the old one. :)

    We've narrowed the selection down to the V2440 or V2460. As far as I
    can tell by looking at the online quick start guide, the major
    difference between the two is that the V2440 has a canister mode.

    The base price for each is the same, but I can get the V2460 locally and
    have a 20% store coupon whereas I'd have to order the V2440 online (but
    can get it with free shipping). So I don't think cost is really going
    to be the deciding factor.

    Any opinions on whether a dedicated "canister mode" is really necessary
    when using canisters (especially canning jars)? Does the V2460 handle
    canisters and jars well?


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