Foot drop, peroneal nerve injury from cycling?


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Sep 27, 2006
I've been building up in my bike racing season and did my hardest training race-ride of the year last week. Near the end of the 40 miles with 30 other brutes I felt some cramping in my lower right leg. Cramps happen.

The next day I noticed I was walking funny. After awhile I figured out why: I couldn't lift my right forefoot off the ground at all! It was paralyzed. Like, when your heel is on the ground you should be able to lift your foot. You should be able to lift the ball of your foot toward your knee. It's actively flexing the ankle UPWARD. I had bad "foot slap." It was weird and a bit scary.

I can do it fine with my left foot. But not with the right foot that cramped.

It's like the shin muscle is malfunctioning, ceasing to function.

That lasted a few hours. Then function returned.

I trained hard again yesterday, but differently and not as long. (Power hill repeats.)

Again, today, I notice weakness in my ability to lift that foot. I notice a bit of "foot slap" when I walk. Sheesh!

Doesn't seem good.

I looked it up. It's the peroneal nerve. Not the perineal nerve.

I'm skinny, old and in good shape. (52 yrs.)

Any other bikers get this foot-drop thing? Or am I just falling apart in new ways. I do notice that I've been getting skinnier as I age in the last few years even though my weight doesn't drop and I lift weights and my fitness stays quite steady.

Thanks, JP


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Jan 6, 2014
Sometimes supplements can be helpful, even when we get older. I use Actigin and it's given me a boost and helped with my aches, plus gives me fewer injuries after riding.