Footwear to wear while cycling (road bike)


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Jul 4, 2011
Hi, I am new here so hey to everyone.

I cycle about 30-60 miles per week, all on the road and a mix of commuting and weekend rides (non competative).

I am keen to find a comfortable shoe to wear, but ideally not a cycle shoe as I don't enjoy being clipped in. I am currently using an old pair of astro turf footy trainers (a good look with the rest of my lycra cycling gear!

Does anyone else have a similar issue, or is there even a specific type of trainer to fit the bill?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.
I take it that you want a shoe whose style goes well with cycle clothes of today.

If it's not that, then, well, any shoe that grips your chosen pedal even when wet, is good, right?

Am not a road cyclist, but about a thirty to fifty miles per week light commuter, middle age on cruiser.
I do not want to rob your thread's focus but I had this on my mind, too,
and did not want to start a new thread.

=I don't care to wear cycle clothes for my semi-recumbent, upright biking.
It's fun to use the bike for errands and do that in street clothes and shoes
(I wear a cheap pair of black leather athletic shoes which happen to grip
the standard Lime resin platform pedals like glue...I just can't lift up on a pedal.
(I am not looking for max leg efficiency).

Just ordered a new set of pedals to "style" my goofy bike, I hope they "grip" as well,
and bet they will grip street shoes at least as well as the OEM black resin units.

ordered and on the way,

I chose smokey-clear-black, but they come in various transparent colours.

((pardon the slight sidetrack? I am not going to jack your thread further, am done,
and without the wanted-answer of shoe-resolution for you.

Oh say, grins, bunny slippers would be funny and cool for a gag to pull among confidently-studly men in lycra, grins!))
This year I've given up (at least for the time being) clip-in pedals and gone to classic touring pedals. I only use a half toe clip (no strap) on one side so that I can easily rotate the crank to starting position after a stop. I ride in my Piloti driving shoes (model G-16, I think), which are comfortable for most purposes, easy to walk in, and not too bulky for cycling. You can wear almost any shoe, just take a little care with the laces; I tuck mine into the shoe on the outboard side.

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