For God's Sake! If You've Got Cancer, DO NOT GO ON VACATION

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    If you have cancer, DO NOT GO ON VACATION. DO NOT STAY AT A HOTEL!

    Hotels are infested with illicit drug labs!

    These drug labs use - as ingredients - pesticides, herbicides, very strong acids and alkalis, and
    petrochemicals. These chemicals are known to cause cancer in all forms! They also cause brain
    damage, Parkinson's Disease, liver damage, spleen damage, nerve damage, learning disabilities, and a
    whole host of other maladies.

    Additionally, illicit drug labs produce highly toxic waste in the form of fumes, liquids, and dusts.
    One such dust is mercuric chloride which causes bone cancer, brain damage and oral lesions.

    Liquid toxic waste that is dumped down the drain of an illict drug lab chemist will line the
    drain pipes, and from there, fumes from this toxic waste will work their way back up the drain
    pipes and escape from *all* of the drain openings and toilets in a building making all occupants
    very, very sick.


    For example, the generally banned insecticide Chlordane has no smell. The toxic gas phosfene, which
    is a by-product, similarly has no smell. While mercuric chloride has a salty, spicy, metallic taste,
    some people apparently are unable to taste mercuric chloride.

    I hope that the following story will be of interest to you.

    Update on "Six+ Bodies May Have Disappeared from Drug Lab Inn" (Parsippany, NJ)

    (Note: Full Name and address of inn: Howard Johnson Express Inn, 625 Route 46, Parsippany, NJ.)

    Here's a status update on the HoJo Inn drug lab case, Parsippany, NJ, in which six+ bodies may have

    However, there has been some rather inappropriate action taken.

    It's really pretty interesting.

    Here's what happened...

    Apparently, a NJ State legislator took my prior write-up to the NJ legislature on the Ho Jo Inn
    case, and he faxed a copy to the Parsippany Police Department.

    It did not take much detective work on the part of three police investigators to trace the write-up
    to me, and they came a'knocking on my door with my write-up in hand, this occurring July 8, 2003.

    The "homicide investigation" which these three conducted did not go exactly as you might
    have expected.

    This how their questioning of me went:

    About ninety percent of the questions were background questions about me, my age, my occupation, my
    car, my former address, my marital history, my psychiatric history, my drug and medication use, etc.
    Apparently they were trying dig up dirt about me in order to discredit me and my story. Well, since
    they didn't find any dirt, they will probably make some up.

    Almost ten percent of the questions covered their concerns (i.e, paranoia) about what the State
    Police and F.B.I. were doing on the case, as if I would know that confidential information. One of
    the investigators stated that the F.B.I. was supposed to call me back. Now, how would he know that?
    He must have been tapping my phone conversation with the F.B.I. that I had in the middle of the
    previous night. Moreover, this investigator knew that the F.B.I. failed to call me back as promised,
    so he must have been monitoring my phone line FOR HOURS for that return call which never took place.

    Here's a shocker for you: the F.B.I. agent whom I had contacted said that I should move! That's
    right! He wanted me to move to accommodate the high criminality in the HoJo Inn building which
    involved a MINIMUM of six illicit drug lab chemists' operating there. A family of six from Virginia
    mysteriously disappeared (possibly having succumbed to drug lab fumes) abandoning a new car in the
    Ho Jo Inn parking lot, and the innkeeper there LIED about the family and their car. Other people may
    have disappeared as well.

    Now, here's a bigger shocker for you: even though I told the three police investigators that I was
    not a drug nor medication user, one of those investigators seriously stated that I should take
    drugs! That's right! He said, "There are some wonderful drugs out there for you."

    Now, for the entirety of the homicide investigation: one and only one question was asked -
    sheepishly, I might add - about the family of six that just seemed to have disappeared from the HoJo
    Inn. The investigator with the title of "Detective" asked: "So, uh, um, what do you think of the
    people who checked-out?"

    Note well: he did not choose to use the word "vanished" nor the word "disappeared." No! He could not
    bring himself to use one of those words, so he chose to use the words, "checked-out" for the value
    of their "leading" nature and psychological impact on me.

    I knew that I would be asking for trouble if I pressed the issue too much, so I just pointed to the
    pertinent paragraphs in the write-up for him to read.

    Then he said, "So, what do you want me to do with this?" [meaning the write-up] as if I had
    authority to specify the disposition of a criminal case. I do believe that he was hoping for me to
    say, "Oh, just forget about it," or "Oh, just chuck it," but I said no such thing. I said that even
    if I was factored out of the case as a personal complainant, there were still issues that had to be
    addressed like [the pollution of] the nearby creek that becomes the drinking water of the downstream
    towns, etc.

    I then said that I had to get back to what I was doing, and those three then very abruptly
    turned and left.

    What the police investigators failed to ask me is just as important as what they did ask.

    They asked nothing, NOTHING, about the toxic fumes, about where the suspected drug labs were, nor
    about who the suspected drug chemists were. They asked nothing about the criminal involvement of
    members of their own police department, and certainly they did not ask if I could identify any such
    police. Also, they asked nothing about toxic waste dumping at the local branch of the town's public
    library by one of the suspects at the Ho Jo Inn. All of these points were included in my write-up
    which the detective referred to as a "complaint". (With this being the case, the "complaint" should
    be officially on file at police headquarters, right? Do you think that it is?)

    While the above may or may not truly amaze you, I hope that the following information will...

    Four day's after the police visited me, I vacated the HoJo Express Inn and moved up the road to the
    Ramada Limited Inn at 949 Route 46, Parsippany, NJ where I lasted only 12 nights. The air quality
    there was so unbearably bad from illicit drug lab activities that the place can be termed a "gas
    chamber of horrors" just like the HoJo Express Inn.

    Even though I was so deathly ill that I didn't think that I could accomplish it, I managed to
    escape from the Ramada Limited Inn and moved to the Marriott Residence Inn at 3 Gatehall Drive,
    Parsippany, NJ.

    I will give you just one guess as to what awaited me there.

    Here is some of what happened to me at the Marriott Residence Inn:

    My face, eyes, lips, and hands would be badly discolored every time I'd arise from bed at which
    times I'd also feel terribly sick in the most oddball of ways. I've had symptoms of pesticide
    poisoning. (Pesticides are heavily used in illicit drug labs.) These symptoms include serious
    neurological sensations in the spine and extremities; muscle spasms; and painful muscle cramps just
    about everywhere in my body. I've had chemical tastes in and chemical smells from my mouth. At
    times, I've had what I call "dragon breath;" I'd exhale from my mouth and feel chemical heat.
    Excruciating toothaches came on in two different jaw locations at the very same time. My leaving the
    inn for 5 minutes caused the toothaches to subside to nothing; but the toothaches reoccurred upon
    reentry to my suite. The morning after those two toothaches, I passed so much blood in the toilet
    that most people would have passed out at the sight of it. Blood has seeped out of the skin over my
    shin in a cluster of spots for no valid, normal reason. I've developed red skin lesions in an
    unmentionable location. My big toes are apparently accumulating poisons with my right toe beginning
    to blacken. This is impairing my ability to walk as much as I'd like, and the condition is just not
    improving. A bump is rising under my scalp, and I am experiencing severe headaches.

    But all in all, my Marriott experience is like a walk in the park in comparison to what I suffered
    at the HoJo Inn and at the Ramada Limited Inn.

    When the quality of the air at the Marriott worsens, then the very, very, rare insect sightings
    there are reduced to absolute zero sightings.


    So, if you have a dearth of insects in your living space and you do not use insecticides, then, in
    all probability, you have an illicit drug lab in you life.

    I wanted to include here my prior write-up on the HoJo Inn case which was emailed to the NJ
    legislature (and to certain members of Congress), but due to length restrictions, I am unable to do
    so. If you need the prior write-up, just request it from me at [email protected] by reply email.

    Thank you for your interest in this situation whereby the State of New Jersey is developing a
    reputation for being the place to visit, get deathly ill, and even die in a hotel room.

  2. For God's sake, I hope this is humor.

    L.B. Sleuth wrote: snipped
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    > For God's sake, I hope this is humor.
    > L.B. Sleuth wrote: snipped

    That LB nonsense is an excellent candidate for an entry on


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    >> For God's sake, I hope this is humor.
    >> L.B. Sleuth wrote: snipped
    >That LB nonsense is an excellent candidate for an entry on

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