For how long does your back wheel spin free?


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Apr 6, 2007
When you've got your bike on the stand or inverted and you turn the crank to get the rear wheel spinning, about how long should it spin for on its own? Can this be used to determine if there is something wrong in the hub or drivetrain that is causing an undue amount of friction?

Also, is it normal, for when the bike is in this position, for the rear wheel to begin spinning when you turn the cranks in reverse?

Reason for the questions is that something just ain't feeling right on my bike at the moment, and I'd rather waste yall's time than that of the kind folks at my local bike shop ;).



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Jul 31, 2003
How long the wheel will spin depends largely on how hard you spin it. No one will be able to tell you how long it should freewheel for.
You can only tell how free or otherwise the bearings are by feel.
Take the wheel out and turn the axle in your fingers. If it is smooth and light and there is no unnecessary play (the axle isn't allowed to wobble) then its fine. If not then bearing adjustments are in order.

If the wheel spins when you pedal backwars then the bearings may be incredibly good or the freewheel mechanism could be a little tight (a possibility on mavic and DT hubs) or it could be stuffed.

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