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    My name is Bobby, male 44. Normal in all respects. My
    profession is massage.

    I will relax you and when you leave you will feel like a new
    person. Swedish, deep muscle, light sensual all to your
    taste. I have seen what services are provided in this area
    and I must say I'm really disappointed by the lack of
    personal attention and the clock watching by the locals. I
    offer 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions. Pay is based on tips.
    Most customers offer me $50.00/hour. Women sometimes pay a
    bit less but generally I don't massage their chests or gluts
    (butts, thighs/groin) unless asked. Touch is an important
    part of our lives. It stimulates our very essence and souls.
    I learned in Napa, California and have world class talent
    and ensure you a new experience. Service to all Tide Water
    Area. Travel Hampton Roads. Couples welcome for small
    additional fee (tips). Services offered are per your request
    and satisfaction is assured. A shower is mandatory prior to
    massage and is usually nice afterwards to remove oils.
    Massage is not reciprocal for your safety and mine. Outcalls
    only at this time.

    This is a personal experience and I have no affiliation with
    any of the areas' commercial enterprises. Please know I
    ensure your safety and have total respect for your person.
    For more details:

    [email protected]