For sale fairing Windwrap kit

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  1. This is the Windwrap® Kit. It measures 46 inches by 19 inches at the head end and 17 inches at the
    foot end. The depth is approximately 16 inches. It is made of .060 inch thick Lexan® (GE's brand
    name for polycarbonate.) Included in the Windwrap® Kit are: 12 feet of edge trim, 4 wing nut
    sets,and instructions.

    There should be 5 wing nut sets but one is missing. There should also be 15 feet of self addhessive
    edge trim. I am sure you could get the two items above from Windwrap. This fairing was never used
    because I ended up building my on thanks to John Foltz.

    (Model WW6K) Mounts not included. $120.00 + shipping UPS Ground Shipment

    Than Cramer Lawrenceburg, Indiana [email protected]

  2. The Windwrap is SOLD_______-------#####*******