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    Too many cheap clueless need to become informed.

    Use rec.bicycles.marketplace for selling bikes and bike parts. This newsgroup is about Racing of
    Bikes, teams, strategy, races, and is *not your personal "For Sale" platform* Thanks!

    rec.bicycles.marketplace: Bicycles, components, ancillary equipment and services wanted or for sale,
    reviews of such things, places to buy them, and evaluations of these sources. Not for discussion of
    general engineering, maintenance, or repair -- see Race results, racing techniques, rules, and organizations. Not Wanted To Buy
    (WTB) Nor racing equipment -- see rec.bicycles.marketplace or

    Advertising on Usenet is a frequently misunderstood subject. The purpose of this message is to
    explain some Usenet conventions regarding advertising to new users and, hopefully, spare everyone
    involved a lot of needless worry.

    To start with, let's define the term. "Usenet" is *not* synonymous with "Internet." Usenet is the
    system of online discussion groups, called "newsgroups," e.g. rec.humor, comp.misc,

    attempt to describe in detail all the various ways in which one can conduct commercial activity over
    the Internet and attempts simply to explain the issues involved in advertising in Usenet newsgroups.

    The philosophy of Usenet
    Usenet started out in 1980 as a UNIX network linking sites which needed to talk about and receive
    prompt updates on UNIX system configuration and other UNIX questions. Message traffic started out at
    a few messages/year... In the beginning, Usenet was largely confined to educational institutions
    such as universities and colleges, and to research companies and other commercial enterprises with
    UNIX machines on-site. It has now grown to include millions of users at commercial sites such as
    America Online...

    That these customs and traditions began when Usenet was much smaller and quite different in nature
    in no way lessens the anger many users feel when these customs and traditions are violated. One such
    custom is the tradition and belief that it is rude to advertise for profit in Usenet newsgroups.

    Advertising is widely seen as an 'off-topic' intrusion into the discussions of any particular
    newsgroup (newsgroup is the Usenet word for discussion group or bulletin board). Each newsgroup has
    a specific set of subjects it is intended to cover, and in order for newsgroups to function as
    effective discussion forums, it is important that people stay 'on-topic'. If everyone - even a
    meager 10% of newsgroup posters - disregarded the particular topics each newsgroup is intended to
    cover and simply posted whatever they wanted wherever they want, the entire system would break down
    into chaos and meaninglessness.

    Due to the decentralized nature of Usenet, there is no one person or body which can "enforce" the
    custom of staying on-topic. It falls on each user to help preserve the culture of open discussion
    and free speech that Usenet has come to embody by not posting off-topic material.

    This, of course, includes advertising. Advertising is by far the most pervasive form of off-topic
    posting, and therefore, gets most of the heat.

    An analogy
    If an analogy will help you to visualize the situation, imagine a meeting at your workplace
    or school.

    At this meeting, people are discussing a certain issue -- for example, getting new sidewalks
    installed downtown or getting new schoolbooks for the elementary school, or what to do about the new
    product your company is planning on introducing.

    In the midst of the discussions on the new sidewalks or textbooks or product, someone walks into the
    room, interrupts everyone, then reads an advertisement for a local restaurant. He or she then leaves
    without waiting for comment.

    Now imagine if this happened over and over again each time your group tried to hold a meeting. Every
    time someone tried to make a point, in walks some other stranger who reads an ad for some business
    that has nothing to do with the subject of the meeting.

    It would soon become rather difficult to hold effective meetings, wouldn't it?

    Similarly, it's very difficult to keep Usenet newsgroups interesting and useful when people deluge
    newsgroups with advertisements.

    How to advertise on Usenet
    *.forsale and *.marketplace newsgroups

    There are many newsgroups directly involved in selling. You can generally spot them by the word
    "forsale" or "marketplace" in their names.

    For example, is a newsgroup where people post for-sale and want-to-buy
    notices about board games they want to buy or sell.

    Similarly, the* hierarchy is full of newsgroups for buying and selling various
    computers, monitors, printers, devices, and so forth, as well as*, for
    selling stuff.

    You can access the FAQ and archives via the Web using these URLs:

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    P.S. I have a 56 cm Colnago Dream Plus for sale cheap. Email me for details.
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