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January 26, 2004 East German Steroids' Toll: 'They Killed Heidi' By JERE LONGMAN

AGDEBURG, Germany, Jan. 20 — Andreas Krieger opened a shopping bag in his living room and
spilled out his past: track and field uniforms, a scrapbook and athlete credentials from the
former East Germany.

The photos on the credentials looked familiar, but the face was fuller and softer, the hair covering
the ears and draping down the neck. This was Heidi Krieger, the 1986 European women's shot-put
champion, perhaps the most extreme example of the effects of an insidious, state-sponsored system of
doping in East Germany.

The taking of pills and injections of anabolic steroids created virile

operation in 1997 and to become known legally as Andreas.

"They killed Heidi," Krieger said..................
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