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    For the sake of your heart

    By B. K. Sharma The Tribune Sunday, August 26, 2001

    WE have seen how the heart works relentlessly and tirelessly
    day and night for which it needs oxygen and energy in the
    form of glucose and fatty acids supplied by the blood. The
    blood is delivered to the cardiac tissue by the coronary
    arteries. If for some reason the oxygen supplied is not
    enough and the perfusion is not adequate, this results in
    imbalance between oxygen supply and demand. This is known as
    ischemia (derived from the combination of Greek words
    ischeia (deficiency) and haima (blood). The commonest cause
    of ischemia of the heart is the disease process —
    atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries. This is also the
    process which results in strokes, other ischemic injuries of
    the brain, claudication or gangrene of the limbs and can
    damage other organs like kidneys, intestines, eyes etc.
    Arteries are clogged by this process. We will devote some
    time to understanding, how this process develops and the
    various factors responsible for this. Although in majority
    of cases this process is responsible for producing ischemic
    heart disease or coronary artery disease, but it needs to be
    mentioned that this can result from other rare causes. These
    causes include the following situations if a small clout
    gets detached somewhere and lodges in one of the coronary
    arteries (emboli), if the muscles of the coronary arteries
    go in spasm producing narrowing of the lumen or congenital
    abnormalities of the coronary arteries producing ischemia
    and even infarction right in infancy. Myocardial ischemia
    may also occur when the cause may not lie in the coronary
    arteries but when the demand of oxygen by the heart is
    disproportionately high. This can occur in the case of
    severe anemia or abnormal variety of haemoglobin, low oxygen
    in the atmosphere as in the case of very high altitude and
    abnormal thickness of the cardiac muscles resulting from
    various diseases like high blood pressure or narrowing of
    aortic valve of the heart.


    Scientists have been busy during the last 50 years trying
    to unravel the mysteries of this process which kills and
    disables people in the West and as mentioned earlier is
    expected to be No. 1 killer at the global level in the next
    10 years. The process develops in the human body over a
    period of many years, usually many decades. It perhaps is
    not a continuous process but occurs in sporadic manner both
    in space as well as in time. It does not involve the entire
    length of arteries uniformally but is focal in character
    and usually has a predilection for certain areas and less
    for others. The origin of the arteries and point of
    bifurcation or any other point where there is likelihood of
    turbulence in the flow of the blood are more prone to
    atherosclerosis. As mentioned, time and age are important
    factors in the development of atherosclerosis. Therefore,
    it was not clear whether it was entirely a function of time
    and thus a part of ageing process. We are now quite clear
    that this is not so although we know this would certainly
    increase with the age and is also more common in men. Post-
    mortem studies in young people in traumatic deaths,
    specially during Korean and Vietnamese wars showed that
    atherosclerotic streaks were present in young people as
    young as 20 years old. And now we know that given
    predisposing circumstances, atherosclerosis manifests as
    early as the second or third decades of one’s life.

    Effects of ischemia

    Lack of appropriate perfusion to a part of the heart can
    produce biochemical, mechanical and electrical disturbances.
    Once the oxygen supply falls, the heart is unable to get the
    fuel supply and the energy it requires to function. That
    part of the heart muscle undergoes necrosis or the death of
    the cell and such an area is known as an infarct. Ischemia
    may be reversible if the obstruction is incomplete and the
    time is less than 15-20 minutes. If the obstruction of the
    blood is complete or is more than 20 minutes, the damage
    will be irreversible. Once certain portion of the muscle
    gets damaged, the mechanical effect leads to abnormal
    contraction of the wall of the heart and abnormal functions
    of the valves of the heart. It can be still more dangerous
    if the electrical function of the heart are affected
    resulting in irregular or more dangerous kind of heart
    rhythm which can kill instantly.

    Risk factors

    As mentioned above there are certain risk factors which
    predispose the production of atherosclerosis and therein
    lies the reasons for understanding process of this disease
    with the aim of modifying the risk factors. The knowledge
    about the risk factors is based on the very systematic and
    long-standing studies carried out in experiments on animals
    and observations and systematic studies in various
    communities. In well known studies carried out in a small
    town, Framingham near Boston, USA, started in 1948, have
    yielded wealth of material on this subject. The basic risk
    factors can be divided into those which are beyond control
    and those which can be modified. The unmodifiable risk
    factors include age, male gender and genetic predisposition.
    There is not much we can do about these three unless the
    growth of knowledge in human genome enables future parents
    to select a custom made off-spring. But the risk factors
    which can be modified by lifestyle changes are smoking,
    obesity, physical activity and emotional imbalance. Risk
    factors which can be modified by pharmaco-therapy include
    lipid (fat) disorders, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and
    insulin resistance.

    Obesity: Many studies have brought out that obesity is
    linked to an early development of hypertension, ischemic
    heart disease, strokes and a host of other medical
    complications. The USA Centre for Disease Control and
    Prevention has declared this to be an epidemic in the USA
    where it has increased by 60 per cent in the last decade.
    Prevention and treatment of these is obviously desirable.

    Smoking: Smoking is harmful not only to the smoker himself,
    but also to the people around, called passive smokers. The
    chemicals in the smoke, including nicotine, produce
    abnormalities in the function of the endothelial cells and
    reduce blood flow and promote formation of clots. According
    to the American Heart Association, the risk of heart disease
    increases by more than 50 per cent for a smoker and by more
    than 30 per cent for a passive smoker. This risk factor is
    eminently modifiable and should be promoted in all the

    Physical activity: Physical activity is important for good
    health. It reduces obesity and blood pressure, decreases
    insulin resistance as also cholesterol levels. It promotes
    emotional well-being and stability of the cardiac functions.
    A minimum of 30-40 minutes of moderate physical activity in
    the form of brisk walk or a game is desirable.

    Hypertension: Hypertension is a risk factor in
    atherosclerosis. In the famous Framingham studies, mentioned
    above, the incidence of ischemic heart disease, strokes, as
    well as the ischemia of the limbs was significantly higher
    in persons who had hypertension as compared to those who did
    not have it. Hypertension is treatable by pharmacological
    means and lifestyle changes as well.

    Diabetes mellitus and insulin resistance: Diabetes mellitus
    is a very serious problem and one of the very important risk
    factors in atherosclerosis because of the presence of
    abnormal lipid in the blood. Diabetes is often associated
    with high LDL cholesterol and tryglycerides which are
    atherogenic. Control of glucose level and cholesterol level
    by lifestyle changes and drugs is now possible.

    Lipid disordes: The role of various lipids consisting of
    various fractions of cholesterol and its combination with
    proteins (lipoproteins) has been the subject of intensive
    ongoing research which started 50 years ago. The experiments
    on animals and the observations in human beings have left us
    in no doubt that abnormal lipid levels are very important
    factors in the genesis of atherosclerosis. In certain
    genetic diseases where lipids levels are very high,
    atherosclerosis and its complications can be seen as early
    as the second decade. Similarly, diseases like diabetes
    mellitus and certain kidney diseases where the cholesterol
    level becomes very high, complications of atherosclerosis
    are seen more frequently. Various fractions of cholesterol
    and other lipids have been analysed and their precise role
    in this process is now known. Low density cholesterol is the
    one which seems to play a very important role in the early
    stages of formation of atherosclerotic plaque whereas high
    density lipid protein helps in removing this cholesterol
    from the arterial wall. Lipids can be reduced by exercise,
    dietary precautions and now pharmacological means. There are
    a large number of drugs for lowering blood lipids. A group
    of drugs known as Statins have been fairly successful and
    are being used as a matter of routine by physicians to lower
    this cholesterol. But the role of diet and exercise cannot
    be over emphasised.

    Male gender/menopause in women: The coronary artery disease
    is cetainly more common in men. In women risk factors
    accelerate after menopause. It is due to the female hormone,
    oestrogen, and relatively higher levels of HDL cholesterol
    which protect the women against the coronary artery disease
    before menopause. This perhaps is the rationale behind
    giving hormone replacement therapy to women after menopause
    so that their protection against the disease at least to
    some extent continues. It may be mentioned, however, that
    although this kind of therapy has now been accepted, there
    are certain risks like increased evidence of thrombosis and
    some controversy relating to carcinoma of the breast.

    Other risk factors: Besides the major risk factors mentioned
    above, there are other relatively less defined and unproven
    risk factors. These include abnormal coagulation process and
    levels of fibrogen, higher level of aminoacid — homocysteine
    (this can be reduced by liberal intake of folic acid) and
    racial factors. Stress is an obvious risk factor although
    its exact role is difficult to define. There is no doubt
    that this has a great role to play in its present epidemic.
    Dr Dean Ornish from San Fransisco has shown that the
    practice of yog and meditation and adoption of a vegetarian
    diet and exercise can reopen blocked coronary arteries.

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    Jai Maharaj Om Shanti



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