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John David Powe

I got this message today but unfortunately I don't live in the UK:

As a highly valued registered user of, I am delighted to bring you news of a
unique motoring event which I'm sure will be of interest to you.

Auto Express, Britain's biggest selling motoring weekly, has joined forces with the UK's biggest car
makers to bring you a motor show with a difference: you get to drive the latest models!

Motor DRIVE LiVe! will take place on bank holiday weekend, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 24, 25 and
26 May 2003 at Britain's premiere test track- The Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire.

You can pick any of the 200-plus cars that will be on site and take them for a spin on the world's
most famous test track. It's the only event of its kind where you get to do the driving. With the
likes of Alfa Romeo, Caterham, Chrysler, Citroen, FBS, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Jeep, MG Rover,
Nissan, Saab, Smart and Volvo- you could get to test drive the car of your dreams.

Auto Express is giving you the opportunity to make a priority booking for this great event. Tickets
cost from only 37 pounds. Remember, you can't just turn up on the day, tickets and must be booked
in advance.

Plus, if you book by Tuesday 22 April, we will give you a 17 pounds non-driver ticket ABSOLUTLEY
FREE OF CHARGE, so you can bring your friend or partner to enjoy the day with you.

To get your tickets for the Motor DRIVE LiVe! event simply go to or
call the ticket hotline 0870 429 4488, and quote reference number MDL104.

The first 100 ticket purchases will receive a copy of Auto Express's UK car catalogue 2003, the
definitive yearbook of every new car on sale (retail value £5.99).

Enjoy the event and remember all those who book tickets as a result of this email, get a ticket for
their partner absolutely free.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Parker Publishing Director Auto Express

Jym Dyer

=x= Spammers are scum. CAR SPAMMERS are whale ****: many leagues lower than scum. <_Jym_

Jym Dyer

> Dude, I'm not a spammer. I don't care if anyone goes or not. It just sounds like a fun event and I
> would go if it were close to me.

=v= Hmm. So, if I find an interesting ad for an event over the pond where they're trying to sell
Sylvester Stallone videos dubbed into Swahili, silicone falsies for the cross-dressing market,
mail-order brides from Krygyzstan, or Taiwanese graffiti custom paint jobs for Humvees (pick any
one, they're all about as off-topic as your car event), I should just post it here, there, and
everywhere? <_Jym_>
Yeah, well I have no proof that Elvis is dead. I think I'll foam at the mouth on la.transportation
and comp.lang.c++ at every chance for a few months just to share my doubts with the world. --
Richard Mlynarik
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