Fork Crown Larger Than A Headtube


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Jul 5, 2015
Hi everybody!
I, ve got a frame, which matches with integrated headset 45x45 (Campy standard). It's headtube outer diameter is 45mm. I've got opportunity to buy a nice fork, but the problem is that it has a crown which diameter is 50mm (in the point, where it sticks to a headtube. The question is: is it possible to match this fork with this frame? I suppose that the only problem is the estetical factor. Am I right?
Unless the frame has a substantial gusset at the join between the headtube and the downtube, it's just an aesthetic issue. If the bottom of the head tube protrudes below the head tube join then it should be fine. The interface between the fork and the headset is made by the crown race, not the crown itself. If you're concerned, speak to a mechanic at your local bike shop.
45° x 45° Campy...I thought they were for a 46 MM headtube O.D. and the 50 MM fork is just going to look a bit 'off' with 2 MM more material below the head tube, if I'm reading The OP's question correctly. Mechanical function should be a 'go'.

As John stated, the integrated bearing races are the interface from the fork's steerer tube to the head tube.

What's the frame and fork combo?