Former Blue Bull killed whilst training for the Argus cycle


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Jan 11, 2002
Just heard that the former Blue Bull rugby player, Duane Adendorff (36) has been killed when a minibus taxi struck him from behind. The accident took place outside Pretoria on Lynwwood road near the Boschkop turn off - a road where you'll find many cyclists training over a weekend - use to ride there myself before we moved to Jo'burg.<br /><br />The driver of the minibus was arrested at the scene of the accident and has been charged with drunken driving and manslaughter.<br /><br />Duane leave behind his wife and two daughters (age 5 and 8).<br /><br />An aritcle has been published in the &quot;Beeld&quot; this morning (
I was nearly seriously injured (there is a fine line between this an karking it too) three weeks ago by sheer driver negligence (a bus driver).

I was so incensed by the abysmal level of driving that I lodged a report of this with the Senior Public Prosecutor -
asking for a criminal case to be brought.

If this fails there is also :

National Traffic Call Centre - report dangerous drivers by phone or fax
Tel: 086-1400-800
Fax: 012-309-3655

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