Former weightlifter looking into getting a road bike.

Discussion in 'Bike buying advice' started by Warwall, Jan 19, 2015.

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    About me:
    5'8" 250 bls (best guess even at a low bodyfat I will still be carrying about 205-210 bls)
    I am capable of doing reps north of 400bls on squats and deadlifts.
    I have been cycling for about a year on a Electra Townie 7D, and a Specialized Hardrock Sport, put about 300 miles on each in 2014. I was very sporadic about how much I road, but I really am planning to stay with it this year.

    I have been saving up for a Specialized AWOL since I thought that it may be a bike that handles me well. I am not very confident in a regular road bike do to my weight/strength combo. I not trying to be over arrogant in my thinking that I am so super powerful that just pedaling along I will destroy a normal road bike. I do live around some rough roads in places, and maybe of greater concern to me is when I am on a ride that has me very tired that a bit of indecision (avoiding a pothole, bad navigation) will destroy a rim, or maybe more.

    I don't really mind saving up for the AWOL, but I have seen very positive reviews on the Allez as well. I really have no concerns as to the weight of a bike, so that may also be why the AWOL is getting my eye.

    My intended use of the bike is road cycling, which is what I use my mountain bike for at the moment (my longest distance in a single ride to date is 27 miles). I do think it is a great bike, but I also am starting to understand that long flat rides are not what it was intended for. I do commute to work from time to time, but I use the Townie for that. It is ideal for carrying a backpack all loaded up.

    Really just looking for any input/opinions. Are road bikes tougher than I think? In the long run is the AWOL just going to be better do to it's toughness? Do they make tougher road bikes that I'm just not aware of?

    Grace and peace be with you all. :)

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    We have a member here called FeltRider.
    He's a former weighlifter (I think).

    Check out his posts.