Former world cycling champion found hanging



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Former world cycling champion found hanging
By Cullen Ward

'Scotland's finest cyclist Graeme Obree was found hanging from the rafters of a barn just seconds before death', the Daily Record reported today. The harrowing events took place at a remote farm just a few miles from the Obree family home in Irvine just before Christmas. Ambulance men rushed the former track star to hospital in Glasgow where it was feared he would suffer brain damage.
The man who won a World championship, aboard a bike he built himself using parts from a washing machine, was reported to be recovering at home with his family and cannot remember the events. The Daily Record quoted Graeme's wife Anne: "Christmas is always a stressful time for Graeme because his brother died in a car crash and isn't around". "He doesn't want to talk about anything. The children know that their father has an illness and we are all just trying to come to terms with it."

Graeme launched a comeback bid last year that was cruelly ended when he hit a concrete block in training breaking a knee-cap and his sternum. Graeme was diagnosed as a severe manic depressive three years ago.

Our deepest sympathies go out to Graeme, his family and friends.
Very sad. Part of what drove him to suicide was because of his bad crash on the bike which could destroy his career as a cyclist, aside from his business problems. Good thing someone found him, Graeme broke the hour record on his 'homemade' bikes. Too bad the UCI banned his bikes.

I think, the hour record should have two categories. One regular category where the cyclist must use a bike similar to Merckx's, and the second special category where aero bikes may be used. IMO, Obree was robbed of recognition when the UCI stripped him of the record and outlawed his bike.

I hope he recovers and gets back to what he does best, riding.
hmmm, probable brain damage? Does'nt sound too good. Lets hope he pulls through :(
Its amazing how much ones fortunes can change in such a short time, it was only a few years ago when this guy brought the hour record back to life :-[
For everyone interested here is a link to a section cyclingnews setup

Its worth a visit! :-[

I feel bad for Obree, I mean we live in a world that says its ok to ask for help and then when you do you are seen as being weak. I hate the UCI for how they treated him years back :mad:, If they took the energy they spend stopping forward thinking of bikes and not allowing new ideas and concepts in cycling frame and equipment wise..and put that on the currant drug problem perhaps things would be differnt. This just makes me think its all fixed ::)..FVB just got busted..its not stopping..obree brought freash air into the sport, I wish him well, I really do :-[
I am a new rider and dont know Obree but I know the Mental illness proper name is Bi polar mood disorder I live With some one close who has it and feel for him and his family and wish him the best. and not supprised he is very inventive and creative most Bi polar are.

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