Forum Changes



Hi guys,<br /><br />I'll be doing some changes to the forum over the next 2 weeks, some changes will include:<br />
  • <br />
  • Re-add the 50 or so articles to the website<br />
  • Clean up the topics (get rid of dead sections)<br />
  • Redesign the general look of the site so it looks more attractive<br />
<br /><br />What else would you like to see here? All suggestions will be taken into account.<br /><br />cheers!
Hi Steve,<br /><br />Most people around here know better than to ask for suggestions when I'm around ;D. Here are a few:<br /><br />
  • On the Recent Posts page, each post starts with a header line containing a number, a forum category, a forum name, the thread's title, and a timestamp. Currently only the thread's title is a hyperlink. It would be nice if the forum name were a hyperlink too.<br /><br />
  • On the forum (thread list) pages, the &quot;Last post&quot; info has a timestamp as well as poster name, but &quot;Started by&quot; only has poster name. Perhaps the timestamp for when the thread was started could be useful too. (I realise there could be downsides to this as well.)<br /><br />
  • How about an option in each member's profile, about whether they see threads with &quot;the works&quot; on the left hand side (avatars, all the contact option icons, online/offline status, personal text, etc.) or in &quot;vanilla mode&quot; (something like member name and title, plus maybe gender and post count/level of activity indicator)? <br /><br />It would be faster for us poor bods on dial-up connections (I know each avatar is only loaded once per page, but browser cache options affect image retention from page to page). It would also give a more compact display (less scrolling) for threads with short posts. And it would (IMO) be better aesthetically (you design the site to look nice, and then people go and pick clashing avatars, etc.). <br /><br />Btw, this is not a reaction to Bart Simpson chucking a brown-eye every few seconds ;D -- although I see that's changed now! I just prefer a more streamlined look, and the information and functions provided by the non-vanilla extras are either already available, or could be made available, from the &quot;view profile&quot; pages.
(It's a great site, btw... I'm just a &quot;difficult&quot; person ;))<br /><br />Thanks!
Has the moulton section gone (the reason I came here) or am I not looking in the right place? ???<br />cheers<br />rifraf
[quote author=rifraf link=board=11;threadid=2740;start=0#23405 date=1039306210]<br />Has the moulton section gone (the reason I came here) or am I not looking in the right place? ???<br />cheers<br />rifraf<br />[/quote]<br /><br />Yep sorry, there has only been a handfull of posts over the last few months :( I'll be cutting a few other sections over the next few days in an effort to give the forum a more 'busy' feel.<br /><br />cheers!
Susan,<br /><br />You can access the forum here with no avatars<br /><br />cheers
[quote author=Steve link=board=11;threadid=2740;start=0#23452 date=1039472230]Susan,<br /><br />You can access the forum here with no avatars<br /><br />cheers<br />[/quote]<br /><br />Hi Steve,<br /><br />Can there please pretty please be 30 posts on the 'Recent Posts' page via too?<br /><br />Thanks!