Forum Changes



The forum will be off line for a small period of time tomorrow while I make some changes.

You can have a sneak peek of the new front page here;

;D Looks 8) Steve!

All nice and compact, and the old friendly forums are still there :)

Keep up the great work!
P.S. Steve - I hope the "small period of time" will be really "small"!
We don't only get withdrawal symptoms from lack of cycling, we also get it if our favourite websites are not up and running!
;) he he
atm the thread rating option is screwing up the header on the forum :(

If anyone else notices other probs please let me know

the rest of the site will be changed over in the next few days

Hi Steve,

The new format is nice, and I like the list of the latest updated threads. However, don't you think the light gray, and dark gray areas to the left side of the scree is taking up way too much space?

Just a thought.

Its ok on 1024x728 but 800x600 isnt the best :-[

Can you put up with it for today?
Maybe I could dump the photo and drak grey area for the forum template?
That can help, but don't remove it from the main page. I think it looks great.
Yeah I think when inside the forums, the dark grey column with the muddy cyclist should be discarded, and only appear on the main pages. It is too narrow otherwise.

But other than that, it looks awesome.

That is an awesome photo by the way, where is it from?
Such drastic changes are no good for my heart!!! Thought I was on the wrong website. ;) But the site really looks great! Don't disgard the photo of the muddy cyclist though. Just love it! Wouldn't be the one to clean THAT bike!!!
i'm guessing the picture is from paris-robaix(sp?) .

change is good... i can live with the new look and feel.

however, i have to agree with others on the left hand columns issue. maybe move the navigation back to the header and find somewhere else for the mud sucking rider to live. it's just too valuable real estate to use it in the manner it is now being used. i'm running 1280x1024 with small fonts on a 19" monitor and still want more room.

so, are the changes mostly visual or are there some functionality changes as well?
I like the pic and all, but maybe you can just restrict that part to the cover page.

Is that Johann Musseew by the way?
I'm not so sure I like the grey areas on the left. :-/ Personally, I'd like the forums themselves to take up the whole screen. It makes navigating the forums easier. Other than that, the place looks great.
ok the photo has been deleted on the forum section, have you guys in SA found this to be alittle faster than the old Blue design?