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Discussion in 'Power Training' started by Roadie_scum, Jan 21, 2007.

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    Hello all,

    Although I might not have the technical ability to pull it off alone, I was thinking that there is enough info and expertise on this forum that if we organised it better, we'd have a very special resource (we already have a great resource. but people could get more out of it). There has been a bit of talk lately about training principles and concepts, macrocycles, etc, and some people have talked about writing a book similar to some of the high quality foundational texts that are available in running circles.

    The problems with books are:
    (i) They are expensive to make
    (ii) They are expensive to distribute
    (iii) Often the author gets little remuneration after accounting for the abovementioned costs

    The benefits are:
    (i) Easier to read than a screen
    (ii) Well organised
    (iii) Well edited

    I think, provided we don't expect remuneration out of it, if we all do a little bit, we have the power to overcome the problems that have deprived us of a high quality resource on training principles, and we can also overcome problems with editing and organisation if we use a sensible wiki format and limit unauthorised editing (eg qualify contributors before they have editing priviliges).

    As a starting point, can anyone who might be interested in contributing reply to this or PM me, and perhaps we could also discuss below what should be covered (in the format of a chapter list?)

    I don't want something that kills Andy and Hunter's book off, or anything like that, rather I think the information I've gotten over three-four years of interacting with you guys could be more efficiently arranged so others could benefit faster. I would envision this more as a complementary project...

    Anyway, wacky late night idea I know, let me know what y'all think.

    Chapter list to get the discussion rolling:

    1-3 Physiological Principles of Training
    4 Nutritional Principles for Performance
    5 Training with Power, HR and RPE (Explanation of differences, ability of metric to capture physiological response, etc)
    6-12 Training methodologies, underlying logic, etc.

    Including: Specificity/Event Analysis to understand Physiological Requirements, SST, Reverse Periodisation, normal periodisation, micro-macro-meso cycles, Block Training, FT Training, VO2max training, time course of adaptions, use of WKO+ to monitor volume/strain, etc

    Chapter on Sprint Training
    Chapter on Ultra-Endurance Training

    13 Enhancing Aerodynamics
    14 Ergogenic Aids (caffeine, bicarb, phosphates, pre-cooling, hypoxic/hyperoxic training, etc)
    15 Variable Power Pacing - Principles and Practice
    16 Where to from here? (Description of where current research is headed, such as nutritional manipulations to increase training effect, etc)

    Appendix: Myths debunked (weight training, bursting capillaries, etc)