Forum Rules



Hi guys,
These rules are being reposted because we have had several visits from spammers.

Forum Rules
1. Cross posting is not allowed and will result in deletion of both posts. Cross posting is when you post the same message to two or more threads.
2. Selling anything on this forum is not allowed, unless its in a forum thats been setup for members to sell things in.
3. Vulgar language and offending material is not tolerated in any way or form.
4. Spamming is not allowed in this forum, end of story!
5. You are not allowed to post URL's that lead to an affiliate program or some other type of scam.
6. Anyone found posting excessive links to their URL's, or suspected of 'deceitful' advertising will be deleted, banned and made fun of.
7. Illegal sites like warez, selling personal information (credit card numbers), pornography etc... are not allowed in the forums and will result in deletion of the posts and termination of membership. Remember people of all ages and experience use these forums. Administrators and moderators have the final say on any matter regarding these rules.
For more information regarding the forum rules and general use of the forum, please click here
The most important rule of all is HAVE FUN!