Forum sticker


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May 2, 2002
Where can one find a "I'm a member of" bumper sticker. It's good advertising seeing that you car is parked among other cyclist at races and maybe you can even ad you handle on it somewhere.
hey thats a good idea.....i think vo2 had one once, not sure where he got it made up though. We should get some made up...........
I had one on my bakkie (which some monkey decided to steal). It read:<br /><br /><br />leave the bunch behind<br /><br />I had it made up at a joint that makes number plates, and cost me R20.00
About $A3. It had yellow lettering on a blue background. Nothing overly extravagant. Just classy.
I had 1000 made for Ridemonkey. I got them from - I'm not sure if they do international orders but I don't see why not! if you contact them, be sure to pm me and I'll give you my name for a referral!
Take a look at<br /><br />On that forum they have two graphics that can be downloaded and then be transferred onto T-Shirts, it's a cool idea for anybody who wishes to help publicize the forum.
There is a business just down the road from the office that does printing on t-shirts, caps, stickers etc... might call in this arvo and get a quote.