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Discussion in 'The Bike Cafe' started by cleon, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. cleon

    cleon New Member

    Jul 19, 2011
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    Hi all,

    I am fairly new to cycling and building mileage and wanted to get a jump start on some of the internet resources available. I was wondering if you could help by sharing your top 3 favorite:

    - general discussion forums (like this one)
    - route mapping sites (mapmyride, bikely, etc.)
    - shopping resources (nashbar? performance? really new to this topic so just googling)

    Thanks in advance! Own a Trek 1500 and max ride so far only 25 mi with some hills in the Colorado foothills area.

  2. Not Sure

    Not Sure New Member

    May 25, 2010
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    Currently, this, is one of the few sites which allow those who know what they are writing to write what they know.

    Many boards support flash-in-the pan newbies in staying new. This one does not. We are allowed to give you the straight dope. No sugar coating.

    In that vein, i'll say that if you let others tell you where to ride, you will miss the most imporatnt part of cycling. It is an ADVENTURE. YOU are the captain of your bike. Ride where you want, how you want in order to acheive what YOU want.

    The main thing is to be safe. Moterrorists will kill you. They do not care.
    Wear brightly colored clothing, stay aware of your surroundngs, don't get too tired and,
    think of your presence on the road as a negotiation.

    I'm Not Sure, but it sounds like you have 88% of the best on line ordering resources already,
    so you don't need any help there.
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  3. Reid2

    Reid2 Member

    Jan 6, 2011
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    I agree so much with NS, and just wish to add this much more,

    I am willing to wear a bright yellow-lime 3M striped safety Tee shirt

    gotten at THD (vests also are good), and wear it for most every ride,

    and I will not wear a helmet (ruins the fun, the freedom, the air),

    and I have a bright tail light for night and dusk, and an always-on,
    flickering headlight too, and that lime-yellow shirt is nearly luminous at night.

    Bottom line, cars, in passing me, give me tons of side room, almost always.

    I look so visible, and so vulnerable, no helmet.

    In contrast, many or most road bikers are in lycra which, to a color blind guy like me,

    colors that may nearly blend to the general background (yellow-lime, does not),

    and they are head down, hairnet helmet, and "register less-so" to the brain as being sentient humans,

    I feel that most drivers give road bikers less respect, than I get. I feel that if more people wore

    bright neon, and yellow-green is the best and flashing lights, even in the day, anything to jar slog-mined drivers is a help,

    then there would be fewer "clippings"...just my five cents. I have never been clipped yet, lucky me, in fifty years of casual riding.

    ANYTHING to jar and get Blueberry drivers' attention, say I,

    I already had the power source, the front hub magneto,
    and had a left-over LED "see-me" light, designed to work on a wide range of voltages,
    and it FLICKERS, as I am feeding it from a pulsating, or AC current source.
    The FLICKERS are fast, and effective. The bike is seen, day or night, from a distance.
    The tail light I am using these days is a Planet Bike, rear rack mount style, five LED,
    powered by "lithium" Energizer cells, which give it a super-bright voltage source
    (would not want a brighter tail lamp array)
  4. dapatel

    dapatel New Member

    Jul 20, 2011
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