Foxes Guard the doping Hen House (Landis Case)

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    What a surpirse! NOT.

    Floyd Landis selected one of the three USADA arbitrars to hear his 'synthetic testosterone, T/E overdosing' power point denial.

    Chris Campbell, a San Francisco based attorney AND former Olympic wreslter. (btw: Olympic wrestling demands anabolic steroids and other PEDs too)

    Campbell is the perfect vote for doping freedom as he was the only dissenting vote for Tyler Hamilton---another suspected blood transfusion doped athlete.

    You can see how political/commercial the doping control process is. That's because ethics do not matter whatsoever. Only media marketing and denials of the obvious problem. Marketing images trump all else.

    Doping is ubiquitous in all elite sport today. From high school to the Olympics.

    The TDF, Super Bowl and USADA arbitration never resolves cheating. Marion Jones, Barry Bonds and Lance Pharmstrong still collect Nike money.