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    "French cyclist found dead in hotel room

    A top French cyclist competing in the Tour of Germany has been found dead next to his hotel bed.

    The cause of Frabrice Salanson's death at the Dresden Holiday Inn are unclear, according to Roland
    Hofer, the race's director.

    "The police are investigating the matter," Hofer said.

    Salanson's team Brioches La Boulangere said it would pull out of the Tour of Germany, which began
    Tuesday, although officials from the team said they would remain for questioning.

    "Salanson ran a race on Sunday. Last night he still felt well and went to bed early. His teammate in
    a neighbouring room found him at 8:30am," Hofer said.

    Salanson's case is the second death on the cycling tour this year. In January, Italy's Denis Zanette
    died of a heart attack while at a dentist.

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    Story filed: 11:58 Tuesday 3rd June 2003"

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Thread Status:
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