Fractured Ishium


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Jan 19, 2004
Any one else ever fracture this part of the pelvis?

I did it in a crash 4 weeks ago and it's feeling better but I'm still on crutches.

I'm concerned about sitting on my saddle for long periods of time after I get the O.K. to get back on the bike. Guess I just have to retrain that area all over again.

The doc says 6 to 8 weeks recovery but that I can probably try Biking after 6 weeks. He says it's up to how I feel and that most PPL don't even use crutches. I also heard that it takes longer for it to heal if used too early after the breaks.

I'm thinking after 5 weeks I may start trying short periods on the trainer.

I guess I've lost all the fitness I had built up and will have to start from square one. I heard 2 weeks for every 1 week off the bike was normal for regaining fitness guess I'll find out.

Lot of guess work going on here. LOL!