Frame Material


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Mar 31, 2007
I've been riding a bike now for about 6 weeks and really enjoying all it has to offer. The gains have been very quick for me and has raised a few questions. The bike I have now is alum carbon road bike with 105 and ultegra components with a compact double. It is fairly hilly in my area but rarely do I use the 25 ring out back. I'm told I'm a very strong rider, 6'2" and 220lbs. Next year I'm thinking of a new bike but not sure is there a advantage by going to full carbon frame, some guys say it may have too much flex for me and should I consider going to a regular double? I'll have around $3000 cdn. to spend. I've looked at OPUS the brand I ride now as it fits great, Fuji, Terapado, and the big guys Trek, Giant, Cannondale.