Frame,running gear,carbon,wheels,bars,confusion...HELP!

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    Apr 12, 2006
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    Just getting back into biking after a long period away from the sport. My old girl (bike) is well over the hill and is not enjoyable to ride any more (maybe I'm not talking about the bike...). I've been doing the rounds of the - how you say - LBS, and am now more confused by the choice than before I started...:confused: Still looking but have a short(ish) list of -
    Old Time carb/composite, 9sdCampyRecord, MavicCosmic whls $1500 ono.
    S/H Eddie Merckx 10sp Dura, Shim 540 race whls, $2500 was $4999.
    S/H Bianchi carbon monocoq, CampyCentaur, CampyScirocco G3 whls $3100.
    2 yo Principia RS6 Pro Ali, Prolite whls, 10sdCampy Centaur, carbon forks, seat stem, handlebars $2950
    New Raceline Ultra, 10sd Ultegra, carbon forks,stem, Shiman 550 whls $2099
    New Felt carbon range
    Want to do some reasonable distances to get my fitness back so am looking at a light roadbike with tri bars not sure re pros and cons of second hand vs new...
    Any advice gratefully received as the amount of choices is overwhealming.