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  1. Hey RBTechies!
    This new forum should not escape your radar.
    It was recently written about in Bicycle Retailer and Industry News.
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    here's the article:

    Neil Hassan Hopes to Keep Frame Builder's Torch Lit Via the Net

    by Matt Wiebe

    London, England - Neil Hassan cut his frame-building teeth at Rattray's in
    Glascow, Scotland, and Holdsworth's in London. In those days, building
    frames was considered high art and those who wanted to learn it apprenticed
    under a master of the craft.

    "There were so many tricks to learn from other frame builders I worked with.
    inexpensive tools that made the job easier, knowledge of where the special
    parts of
    the frame were. Now, so few people are left who know the craft," Hassan

    As a way of keeping the knowledge he learned as a young student alive,
    launched a frame-building resource web site complete with a forum.

    Hassan said he hopes will become a resource and meeting
    place where professional and hobbyist frame builders can come together and
    their knowledge.

    "So many of the successful frame builders today apprenticed with some
    names and so many of them have become one-person shops these days that the
    apprentice track is no longer an option.

    "I hope the forum can continue this apprentice tradition and the builders
    with years
    of experience can help those new to the craft, " Hassan said.

    Hassan, who works for a large private-label frame builder in Italy, got the
    idea for the
    web site while trying to locate aluminum track dropouts with steel faces for
    a special-
    project bike he was building.

    Although he found the dropouts by using an e-mail list for frame builders,
    he thought the
    community needed a better way to exchange information.

    "Who wants to get into the frame building business these days? People know
    it isn't easy
    making a living at it, and so many people think the expense of getting
    started is too much.

    "Hopefully, the forum will give them the support they need and the guidance
    and tricks
    to help keep costs down," he said.

    "More than 200 people have registered in a little over a month, including
    Richard Sachs
    and Peter Weigle, who have been stopping by and commenting in the forum
    every now
    and then. The interest is a bit surprising," he added.

    Hassan said he plans to add a classified section to help beginners find
    vital on-the-job
    experience as well as help the pros find a willing pair of helping hands.

    The web site's Links and Resources section provides tube and fork
    manufacturer data and other useful information, making it a one-stop source
    for frame
    builders of all skill levels.