France suspends Gonzalez de Galdeano

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Robert Chung, Apr 29, 2003.

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  1. Robert Chung

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    L'Equipe is reporting that the French anti-doping authority (CPLD) has suspended Igor Gonzalez de
    Galdeano (ONCE) for the salbutamol incident from last year's TdF. The suspension will last six
    months and applies on French soil. This effectively takes him out of this year's TdF.

    This is a turf war between the CPLD (Conseil de prevention et de lutte contre le dopage) and the
    UCI. You may recall that during the TdF, IGG was tested with a level of salbutamol that exceeded
    1000 ng/ml (he tested at about 1300 ng/ml), and the WADA wanted to sanction him. The UCI's position
    is that if the rider has a prescription there is no limit and the WADA backed down. Evidently, the
    CPLD has sided with the WADA.

    ONCE is going to appeal, but since the suspension is on French soil by the French CPLD, the appeal
    can only go to a French court, not the UCI.

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