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    I did a search of the forum for info on this but did not find anything recent so thought I would ask for updated info and experiences.

    I will be cycling in France this Sept/Oct and will be using a couple of trains (Paris -Tours, Sete-Paris) so was wondering if the current status for TGVs and other trains is that its best to have you bike in a soft shell bag. If that is the case can anyone recommend one compact enough for me to carry on my bike? I was planning on riding a LHT but have a lighter Giant that I can use should it make the whole bike bag/train thing easier.

    Much thanks for all your help.


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    TGV will charge you 10 euros more for the bike,
    dimensions would be 120 cm x 90 cm,
    yes they require a cover, like the soft shell bag,

    the bag would be tricky to carry with you once you get to ride, even if you do so with a rack and panniers,
    i don't have a recent experience but in the past they would let you in with a disassembled bike, like both wheels out attached to both sides of the frame, so fairly compact, or even better if you cover that with some cheap plastic or cardboard that you could dispose easily afterwards,

    it all depends on what kind of riding you are going to do, if you plan to hire hotel or hostal rooms, then you could keep your bike bag together with your other luggage or backpack in the room for example,

    one way or the other, good luck and enjoy your trip !!