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"Daniel Connelly" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected]... ready for
Milan-San Remo, with the European season having started this past weekend.
> It'll be interesting to see what the defending champion's plans are.

Let's see...

On the way to the Cipressa:
1. Cipo, late to appointment with hair stylist, engages Pantani to drive. Swamps parks SUV w/gun
rack on my BMW. Shoots BMW repeatedly.
2. Cipo borrows Kurgan Gringioni's parrot, likes owner's hair style, adopts same.
3. Swamps points out proprietary rights to "Ventoux" hair style. Gringioni looks to ease new-found
agony by baiting Steve Taylor, who is not your "personal for-sale platform".

The, with the adroit sense of going-too-early demonstrated by Fons "Next, first" DeWolfe...
4. Bart decides to remove his CAP LOCK. Sharon is pleased.

Later, after big-ringing the climb...and while heading down...

5. Sweeping down those last few curves before the lengthy run-in, later than Golz chasing Bugno,
earlier than the KING catching that slacker Argentin (and was there ever a less-fortunate,
Fondriest aside, WC strip bearer?), Cipo has parrot squirt inappropriate biological waste on
fellow descenders. Cipressa regressa.
6. Havoc ensues. Cipo pauses to admonish parrot. Gringioni becalmed.
7. FredRod wins. Parrot opts for new look with share of winnings: mullet is in, Gringioni opts to
grow hair, biology permitting.
8. FredRod, in victory speech, cites absolute belief in a heavily-armed Canadian health-care system.
9. Parrot, w/mullet, mistaken for dinner. Thought it was supposed to be an armed Canadian with a
heavily-healthy system, as long as it could reload.

After: Cipo shares prize money with Swamps, Swamps buys me a new Bimmer to replace the '93 with 240k
miles...and backs over it.

Ah, the dreams of an early season.

-Chris Mitchell -Early-season annoyance specialist
As I said, getting dumped by Lefevere seems to be the surest way to a good season.
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