Fredericksburg, Virginia - join us

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  1. Two of us will be riding in Fredericksburg, Virginia on May 6 beginning at
    9:00 am at Old Mill Park. This is the March of Dimes event. There will be
    many walkers but only two unicyclists, unless you join us for a morning
    ride. The walkers enjoy watching the unicyclists. You don't have to donate
    or collect money, just show up with your uni. Look for us at the top of the
    hill, at the park entrance. Email me for directions or questions.

    The ride will be 5-10 miles through downtown scenic Fredericksburg. We'll
    ride along the Rappahanock River for a while and end up back at the Park
    where there is usually free hotdogs, hamburgers, drinks and entertainment.
    Bring your juggling clubs if you want to pass afterwards.