FREE Apple Ipod as seen on CNN & Wired magazine!

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    Hi everybody!

    First of all I want to apologize in advance if this type of post is
    not allowed.

    We've seen the web ads or emails regarding free Ipods from (Gratis Networks). I did a Google search and found an
    article from Wired magazine stating that this is not a scam. Although
    this is a pyramid-type deal, it appears to be legit. Here's the Wired
    article link:,2125,64614-2,00.html?tw=wn_story_page_next1
    .. Here's more proof of people that received their Ipods: . This was also profiled on
    CNN, but I unfortunately don't have a link.

    So basically, you sign up at and complete one of the
    offers provided by their partners and refer 5 friends to do the same.
    This free Ipod offer is only valid to U.S. residents, and only one
    account per household.

    To receive your free Ipod:

    1. Go to this link and put in your email
    address under "Start Here!" and create a password. *One thing to keep
    in mind, YOU WILL BE SPAMMED. Use an email address that you dont mind
    getting spammed.
    2. There's a marketing survey (You may close your browser at this
    point and logged back in without having to fill out the survey).
    3. Make sure you have verified your email address. If you did not
    receive an email, go to the "My Account" page and click the link to
    send the verification email. (There have been problems reported using
    Hotmail addresses)
    4. Sign up with one of their partners and complete an offer. Skip down
    to see instructions on the different options for completing offers.
    (It can take up to a few days for the offer completion status to
    reflect on your account)
    5. Refer 5 friends and have them complete 1 of the offers each.
    6. Wait for your MP3 player to ship =)

    The best offer right now is: requires a credit card. But is ideal because you are
    credited INSTANTLY after sign-up. You have a 2 weeks free trial, once
    your 2 weeks expire your credit card will be billed an annual fee of
    $99. So cancel way before your 2 weeks is up!!! To cancel, call
    1-800-262-3787 option #4.

    People have reported that they've received credit using the AOL offer
    (50 free days) even without installing the AOL software. Once their
    Freeipod account showed offer completed, they simply called AOL and

    If anyone is interested in signing up, I would greatly appreciate it
    if you could use my referral links posted at the bottom. If you don't
    want to use my referral links, you can simply sign up directly at
    their website. Thanks in advance for using my referral links to sign
    up, and good luck!!

    My referral link:

    Gratis Networks also have a free flat screen LCD and Sony WEGA TV deal
    (takes 8 referrals though):

  2. >First of all I want to apologize in advance if this type of post is
    >not allowed.

    FUCK YOU! SPAM report sent to your ISP!

    9-11 forget it, it's over. Who cares? Nobody.