Free Credit on Auction Site!

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    Dear Members,

    Get $5 Credit to use at (on selling fees) for every
    person you get signed up
    at our site. (Credit is good for auction activities and not purchasing

    How do I get credit.
    Use your promo code we sent you. Tell all your friends come sign
    up at and when they type in their name write your promo
    code next to it in ( ). We will then add $5 credit to your ep-auctions
    Let them know they can refer people too and let them also know they get a
    $3 credit of their own just for registering.

    You can use your credit to put your items into the front page featured
    use it for second categories or use it to bold or highlight your
    Also on store front fees!
    Eventually we will be adding an ending auction fee (not for awhile) but
    can start saving credit now and be all set when we do! Make up some
    and let all your other auction or online customers know with each order!

    I really want this to be your hometown auction site!
    IF you have any questions email me or Im me on aol.
    If you need your promo code again let me know,

    Thanks Ellen