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    This probably isn't the place to post about our magazine but it does say it's free to discuss road cycling and we've previously had a great response from other forums so if you don't like Cycle magazines then don't read on.

    Spin Cycle Magazine doesn't feature bike reviews, clothing reviews, plugs for drinks and energy bars. We don't nip over to Europe to plug all the hills you've already climbed or read about. We aren't even really interested in Sportives. Been there, done that, been given the crappy t shirt.

    What we do instead are features on great riders - past present and future, UK amateur and pro racing and generally anything North of Birmingam that take our fancy. There are 5 issues online. If you like them spread the word.

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    Dan Photo Editor

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    FYI, here's a link to the "UK and Europe" sub-forum. You might want to also post there as that audience is likely your audience. You could also post in the "Australia and New Zealand" sub-forum as I think they really miss the monarchy (well, in the case of the Aussies, the monarchy's prisons).