free mounting girrafe


Mr Plasmaman

I got a new Sun 6 foot giraffe for Christmas. I can ride it for a long ways,
but then I get so far away from home, my brother's got to hold the wheel still
and i've got to climb up a street sign. If any of you giraffe riders out there
know how to free mount a giraffe, i would like some tips.

I can already (in the grass) sit up on the unicycle, but then i stall from
there. I've only moved a little bit twice.
well... i've been working on it, and i heard to lower your seat some *it
does help*

basically you just gotta keep trying, i went from not being able to get
my butt on the seat, to being ready to ride but just falling over in
nothing flat... then the phone rang, and it's been to dark, i gotta go
outside again

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"Abashed, the devil stood and felt how aweful goodness is"
-both unknown (to me)
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