Free online photo album offer.



Free online photo album offer.

I am offering an online photo album that you can upload your pictures to. They will be visible to
your family and friends with a simple upload. All functions to control the viewing of the album are
included in the program.

The best news is, it's free, and there are no catches. The ONLY catch is, the photos must be legal.
Photos of illegal activities will not be allowed.

It's first come, first serve. On the site you will see the admin login ID for the album, along with
the admin password for your album. Once you login (upper left corner) and change the password, you
will be the only one who can administer it. Once you log in with the admin password, you can change
the title of the album, display properties, etc. You can make it appear any way you want. You can
also have your own custom logo at the top that will direct your visitors back to your site. That
way, you can simply link to the photo album, and they can select the logo at the top to return to
your site.

The album is located at:

If the album has been taken, and you would like another one, you can email [email protected], and
it will be considered.