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    Feb 10, 2005
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    Hi, I posted in the bike cafe but didn't get any responses from people in the UK so thought I would post here instead.
    I'm a dietetics student at Leeds Metropolitan University and am doing a sports nutrition elective for which I need to do a case study. My whole dissertation is on cycling and carbohydrate requirements and so I wanted to choose a cyclist as a case study. I have a pro cyclists willing to be my case study but wondered if there's any chance of elite. Is there anyone out there willing? Or knows someone who is?
    All it involves is keeping a food diary for a week and then having about 2 consultations. Its really free advice from a nearly qualified dietitian about how manipulating your diet may work to improve your training and performance goals.
    I'm in Leeds so would prefer someone around here, but would be willing to travel.

    Please PM me details if you're interested.