Freemap update: coastlines, height shading and improved scaling

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  1. For anyone who may have been following my Freemap free countryside
    mapping website, an updated version is now up with the following new
    features since the last release:

    - coloured height shading - still a bit experimental as it's a little
    slow at some resolutions;

    - full coast outline, dynamically generated at high resolutions,
    pre-generated image at low resolutions;

    - ability to scale right out to an outline map of the UK;

    - ability to zoom in by clicking on the map;

    - full NASA SRTM contour data for all regions of the UK below 55N, so
    any summit below that latitude should be identifiable....

    I am also intending to team up with the openstreetmap guys
    ( who aim to provide a central database of free
    mapping data. I intend to contribute my data to their database and keep
    Freemap as a client of the data. Note also that I am simplifying the
    process of contributing your own data to Freemap; it should in the near
    future be much easier just to submit tracklogs.