Freway: a new beginning from ces 2016 in las vegas

Oliver Jeff

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Aug 18, 2015
If there is anyone who are wondering what is the breaking news in the electronic consumption domain in the last few days, the CES must be the one that be mentioned mostly. As one of well-known show in the world, the show has attracted many successful high-tech companies to join in Las Vegas, and those electronics enthusiasts care deeply about what kind of product will be launched in this show. So does the Freway.
The wearable intelligent equipments lead the explosive growth in the smart device domain, and CES 2016 tells us: smart device and fashion have been integrated. The Tactix Bravo of Garmin Company apply its advanced technology into the watch. Also, HTC works with Under Armour, they launch a new product, called UA Band, to record the data of exercise. The manufacturer Misfit has the Ray, the bracelet has the function to remind people to do some walking, so as to live a good life
However, what will the smart device gives us when it applies to the ebike?
It should be this: someone rides the Freway on the road with his or her friends, the smart HCI shows the real-time speed and cycling mode level that it has reached to, and the Freway Cycling Cloud analyses the data retrieved from the smart hardware inside the Freway, and the App shows the visual data on the cellphone, when the cycling is end, friends will get together to share the highest speed, the cadences you have reached to and the longest distance, share is the happiest moment after the riding.
Freway is an innovator of smart eBikes. Through combining powerful electric support, intelligent hardware and cloud computing, we, Freway eBike, digitize each ride thus adding fun. As a pioneer of joyful riding, we accumulate every effort to open a new window of healthy lifestyle.


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May 19, 2015
Can we see some specs instead of a rambling sales pitch?
I want to know what kind of hardware, drive-train, battery information, app/phone compatibility, costs ect ect
DETAILS man details, not "share is the happiest moment after the riding"
I spent 24s googling it and then I lost interest.