Freway (fvs): We Say No #short-lasting Distance Or Physical Over-consumption

Thomas axlance

New Member
Aug 18, 2015
[SIZE=12pt]We guys are admire to the people who can ride the bike climbing the hills and challenging some unimaginable condition, undoubtedly, the skills they show us is unapproachable, their stunning physical are as well inspire me mostly.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt] But for we amateur riders,[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] just for climbing the ramp, it will low your speed and cost you more strength to climb it over. Apparently when it comes to a woman,[/SIZE] [SIZE=12pt]body distortion, be short of breath. However, the bike we choose is to easy our life and make it convenience. The exceptional road conditions always happens, we need to use our vise to solve them, thereupon, choose a bike can assist you is necessary.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]Freway applies the advanced FVS(Freway Vigor System) into the ebike, it contains the screen, battery pack, motor wheel, their collaboration can help you on that condition, it will make the climbing more easily. When the operation needed, the battery pack supplies the motor power ,drive the bike moving easier ,also, there is the three-level pedal assistant, you can adjust the speed to suit you mostly. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]With the system, [/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]you[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] don’t need to worry about the vibration and shock when you have to screech to a sudden halt.[/SIZE]

Tony Scott

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Oct 20, 2015
[SIZE=12pt]1. [/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]the time you are delay on the road .if you can ride the bike to work, it can move forward easily. The light body and less-cost-strength wheel system can guarantee the speed you need to work.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]2. [/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]the electric motor for the long-distance workplace. the bike contain powerful battery pack, which provide enduring electric support, it has the innovative FVS(Freway Vigor System),100% battery pack lasts 60miles,I think that can totally enough for your work cycling.[/SIZE]