Freway: We Focus On The Bike, Is Now And The Future

Thomas axlance

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Aug 18, 2015
[SIZE=12pt] Freway is a newly designed brand by Freway enterprise ( Alhambra C.A.),Starting from the, Freway ,like a tsunami , is washing across the American electric bike market, with the mission to free the people from the car and enjoy the leisure time, Freway eBike will make the more achievement. undoubtedly, it is a strong impetus to the electric bike. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt] Mention of the born of the idea, Alex is always passionate to share that: when he was a child, Alex enjoyed the happy time sitting on his father’s bike and cycled around, even today, he can recall and share with others about the feelings in old days, the days gone fast, but not sweep the sweet memories. But dad has grown old, it’s not easy for him to cycle like before. What if the bike can relieve dad’s fatigue and let people enjoy the fun of riding not only for family but for all the people who in demand. So ,here comes the Freway eBike.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt] According to Alex, Freway eBike was equipped for the LED interactive control panel which is designed at two types for men and women, and the same type of battery cell as Tesla, the removable battery pack is different from the lead-acid cell in the ordinary eBike , it can reach up to 188Wh with the smaller dimension ,higher capacity density and longer life which is three times of that. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt] The competition advantages of this eBike also embody in the BMS battery management system. With the help of the pedal-assistant system , the bike can make the most use of the battery to provide long-lasting cycling time. Not only in the advantage of labor saving ,Freway eBike could be the summary of cycling, fitness and leisure. With the perfect combination of technology and life, Freway eBike will become the first generation assistant mountain bike, simultaneously.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt] Alex is confident of the future about the eBike, the core of the brand will aim to the innovative design and product upgrade. By the way of applying the Internet plus into the system, Freway will design the Freway APP to stimulate our senses to serve people more consideration, and the rider can get wonderful cycling experiences with its help. we know well that the power system and battery is our superiority, the Freway team will do their best to maintain this competition edge. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt] “Make the cycling enrich our life”, this is Alex’s original desire,” with the help of the Freway eBike , people will have a new definition about the city cycling ”,that’s what Alex and his team devote themselves to.[/SIZE]
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Oliver Jeff

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Aug 18, 2015
the information about Freway is arising fast recently ,and the other day, I click its website,found it feature in some parts is no difference from others,the only one inspire me is its battery pack, it told the battery can last more time than others,and I think it is convincing