Friday Night Ride to the Coast

Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Tim Hall, Jun 6, 2008.

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    As the title says, it's a ride,it happens on a Friday night, and it
    goes to the coast.

    Organsised by Cheam & Morden CTC, it starts at Hyde Park Corner at
    midnight, swoops through London at a genteel pace, stops "somewhere"
    for mid ride refreshments, ends at a cafe by the sea. Ride or train

    The next one is on June 20th, to Brighton. Cafe stop at three in the

    Article in The Guardian is here

    Contact Simon Legg (simon underscore legg at yahoo dot co dot uk) of
    Cheam & Morden CTC if you want to have a go.

    I've been twice so far (Sarfend and Brighton). I'm going on this one.



    I understand very little of what's being discussed
    but for some reason it's fascinating.

    (Jon Thompson, urs)