From Adventure Cyclist 6/2005 - Great Pleasure to Read

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    The letter from the editor contained the following which was great to

    "In the March 2005 issue of Adventure Cyclist, Dorothy Stephens recounts in
    "Across the South Downs of England," how many a Brit stopped to offer her
    help without being asked to do so. She then states, "It made me hope that
    British cyclists would encounter the same friendly reception..."

    "This hope of hers did not slip past member J. Lister of Ceredigion, Wales,
    who wrote a letter to assure Dorothy that her hopes were not in vain..."

    He wrote:

    "...I, too have been met with nothing but kindness and willing assistance.
    One wonderful couple in Missouri opened up their home to us and stuffed us
    with chocolate pie and then entertained us with their exceptional musical

    "Along the way, I met with so much kindness; A telephone engineer who pulled
    over to give me a bottle of cold water as I struggled up a hill; a recumbent
    rider who changed direction to guide me into town through a maze of
    construction; a pliceman who stopped to check on my welfare as I rested on
    the roadside. I could go on and on..."

    "So, there you are, America. Be proud of yourselves and accept the praise
    and gratitude you well deserve..."

    So it would appear that all the noise that sometimes surfaces in this group,
    both the British and Americans are kind and generous toward cyclists. It
    makes me proud.