From BumpkinPus alias Site: photos of Mitchy




weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, he's such a gentle soul.....

and the consequence is severe limited MTBing capacity to experience
the wonder of amazing trails and scenery, like the amazing canyon atop
the mountains at Deer Creek Canyon, where it's beginner level riding
at the top and you can get up to 35MPH between the mountains.

He can't go there because he can't get down due to the black diamond
portions required to traverse...

If he apologizes, and we work out a deal for compensation for my great
instruction, of which I guarantee he can clear anything - including
the steps at Zorro - I can I just am terrified of heights where if I
fall I want to land on ground not 50 feet below such as is with those
steps at Zorro...

I guarantee that Mitchel after agreeing to be instructed by me, and
complete, will effortlessly ride his MTB down "the wall" at Deer Creek
Canyon and forever be a new presence in his relative perception to

He must apologize and compensate first...